star anise and a ghost.

I have mixed a concoction of star anise, cinnamon, cardamon, orange peels, goji berry all boiled in hot water with a little chocolate added. It was very good and filled the house with a warmth. I feel restless so I just added some rum to my hot drink. Connecticut is not the place for me and it is hard to get used to. People are different in the east. Though not bad, just not my speed. I think we have decided to go to California. Its what I know it feels right and the land is gorgeous. Manzanita trees look like prehistoric dreams. The old mines that hide in all the corners only invite questions of the people who were there a hundred years or more before though to imagine what these men where like isn’t too far of a stretch. I am sure as a whole they were not the creative type I am drawn to but a bunch of dirty drunks who would have been fun to have some clean whiskey with but not to wake up next to.

Thinking of this reminds me of a story from a friend in Columbia, California she worked with some women who owned a goat packing ranch. There was a building she lived in called the “chicken coop”. It was a small little building with a raised bed in the corner, kitchen to the side and a tiny bathroom. Some days when she came home she would find dishes, cups all stacked on top of each other in large towers in the kitchen. Once when she had just come back from getting groceries she found her large honey jar perfectly turned upside down on the shelf without a spill. I have always pictured that in my mind.  She never heard any noises at the place nor saw anything. Though she did have some vivid dreams. In her dreams she encountered a cute blond guy around 18 years old. He told her his name though I can’t recall it now and told her he had died in the cave in outside. As you approached the building to the right was a large sunk in hole about 12 feet across. He said he was buried under there and had died when the roof of the mine he was working in fell.

Ghost stories interest me. I feel I have the ability to call spirits to me and back them away. Not something I have done since I was a teenager I think.

Listening to Neutral Milk Hotel

Drinking spiced rum.

I have a beaded bracelet on.


~ by djangosmack on December 27, 2012.

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